—Grotto Restoration—

The Goodwood Shell House

Repairs to the Tympanum Arch.

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Due to movement within the building a section of shell work decoration had fallen from the wooden paneling exposing an open space behind.  

Grotto repair 1.JPG

Grotto repair 2.JPG


In order to close the area a thin hardwood batten was screwed into place and sealed with shellac.

Grotto repair 3.JPG


Conservation putty was then used to attach the fallen shells. Props were put in place to apply gentle pressure until the putty set and the shells were secure. 

Grotto repair 4.JPG


The completed repair work. 

Conservation carried out to The Rock Work Grotto and The Sham Bridge at Valentines Park, Ilford.

A large restoration project undertaken with Nimbus Conservation.  

The Longwater lake was drained, all fallen grotto material was recovered from the surrounding area and reapplied to the main structure. Extensive reconstruction to the flint work cascade was undertaken and all obvious shell work was replaced. 

restoration project 1.JPG
restoration project 2.JPG
Valentines park Grotto.JPG